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For the best gentle dentistry care, Canestraro Dental in Wheeling, West Virginia, is the ideal choice for any patient in Ohio County or Marshall County in West Virginia, and Belmont County in Ohio as well. Dr. Canestraro and his staff dedicate themselves to providing the gentlest, most dependable dental services available and making the environment comfortable for the whole family. For any of the professional dental services below, call (304) 233-1244 at your convenience.

Dental Fillings in Ohio County, West Virginia

Fractures, chipping, or damage due to decay are dental issues that must be resolved professionally and carefully. Ohio County’s Canestraro Dental offers the most reliable and efficient dental fillings in West Virginia. Dr. Canestraro restores the strength of damaged teeth by using custom-fitted fillings, made from tooth-colored ceramic, gold, or other high quality materials, to replace the damaged portion of the tooth. Because we are dedicated to great dental care and skilled precision, our patients with dental fillings leave our office with stronger teeth and a brighter smile every time!

Victor R. Canestraro, D.D.S. Tooth Extractions

After considering every option for the restoration or reservation of a damaged or decayed tooth, Victor R. Canestraro, D.D.S. will offer expert tooth extraction as a last resort. However, if a primary tooth does not fall out naturally or there isn’t enough room for every tooth to fit comfortably, tooth extraction at Dr. Canestraro’s dental office is the best choice for you or your family member. Using precision and gentle care, Dr. Canestraro will use state of the art equipment to extract the tooth as painlessly as possible. Your comfort and satisfaction are our top priorities, so for any tooth extraction services, you can count on Canestraro Dental!

Canestraro Professional Dental Cleanings

The health of our patient’s teeth is very important to us, as it should be for everyone. Dr. Canestraro and his team ensures the safe, precise, and skilled dental work and cleaning needed to get your smile looking and feeling its best. Using the most advanced technology, including laser cavity detectors, oral cancer detecting equipment, and much more, our office is able to detect and treat any threat to the health of your teeth. Some oral diseases, like gum disease, are directly related to more severe ones, such as heart disease, diabetes, strokes, and more. Regular professional dental cleanings and checkups ensure the best oral health possible, so call Canestraro Dental for an appointment today!

Victor R. Canestraro, D.D.S. General & Family Dentistry

Early Dental Care Services at Victor R. Canestraro, D.D.S

Children and teens sometimes require different attention when it comes to oral care. Misaligned teeth, irregular bite patterns, and establishing a good dental routine are issues to address as soon as possible for adolescents. With a custom treatment plan for any patient, Victor R. Canestraro, D.D.S. will help your child or teenager discover the healthiest, brightest smile possible. Through the education of regular dental hygiene and the implementation of misalignment treatments or other courses of action, our dental office offers every young patient what they need for healthy teeth and oral care. To schedule an appointment or for emergency services, call (304) 233-1244 today!

Endodontics/Root Canal Therapy for West Virginia & Ohio

For the most reliable and safe endodontic services in West Virginia and Ohio, Canestraro Dental is the area’s premiere oral care service provider. Also known as root canal therapy, endodontics has advanced greatly within the past few years. Using the most advanced technology, Dr. Canestraro is able to efficiently and accurately perform endodontic, or root canal treatments for our patients. Trauma to the tooth or jaw, as well as decay or infection, may cause enough damage to require endodontic treatment, so contact us today for a consultation.

Gum Treatment Services at Canestraro Dental

Gum disease, or periodontal disease, can affect your overall health in various ways. Not only is gum disease the main cause for tooth loss, it is also linked to heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and some types of cancer. In order to avoid these illnesses and diseases, oral health care is of the utmost importance. For our patients with gum disease, destroying the bacteria with antibiotics and removing any infected areas immediately will greatly aid in the elimination of this disease and to avoid surgery. Canestraro Dental provides patients with expert gum disease diagnosis and treatment services, so make an appointment with us today for any indication or concern regarding gum disease.

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Call us to today to schedule an appointment at our Wheeling, WV office. We are currently accepting new patients so contact us for more info!
Contact Victor R. Canestraro, D.D.S.
Call us to today to schedule an appointment at our Wheeling, WV office. We are currently accepting new patients so contact us for more info!